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Hirayama HVE-50 Autoclave Sterilizer


Hirayama HVE-50 Autoclave Sterilizer

The Hirayama HVE-50 autoclave sterilizer is a self-contained, portable, top-loading autoclave with auto exhaust and warming cycles. The top loading feature with the lid opening upward is not only a great space-saving design benefit, it also means that this sterilizer is also desirable and particularly suited for the sterilizations of large fermenter vessels, so it is the perfect companion for fermenters like the Winpact fermenter. A dual-sensing lid interlock shut prevents lid from opening when chamber is pressurized or when temperature exceeds 97°C. The HVE-50 autoclave also features an agar melting mode for melting agar and maintaining it at liquid temperature. This also is convenient for hot, faster start-up. The autoclave has a convenient one-touch lever to easily open and close chamber lid. An in-process display shows the status and the progress of sterilization cycle. Door-closure sensor provides a prompt and the cycle will not start unless the door is closed properly.

Chamber Capacity 0.054247 M^3
Sterilization Temp Range 105°C to 135°C
Maximum Pressure 0.255 MPa
Sterilization Timer 1 to 250 minutes
Pressure Gauge 0 to 0.4 MPa
Electric power 2.0 kW
Voltage 120V 50 – 60Hz


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